Financial District

The Financial District, birthplace of New York City and the nation, is one of the most historic and intriguing neighborhoods in the U.S. Full of winding, cobblestone streets and historic buildings, the Financial District sits on the Southern tip of the island. It is now undergoing major restoration and is again considered one of New York’s City’s special gems. Wall Street is the focal point of this neighborhood – a narrow street that is home to the New York and American Stock Exchanges. South Street Seaport is also a very popular destination. It boasts many shops, restaurants, bars and antique ships that have been converted into floating museums. During the day, the Financial District is as busy if not busier than any other neighborhood in the world; however, at night, there is a lot of peace and quiet.

In 1995, the Mayor started an Economic Revitalization Program in the neighborhood that began with 5,000 new apartments and the prospect of 7,000 more. Many of the older, large office buildings have been converted to residential space with spectacular views of the water and the Statue of Liberty. The neighborhood has emerged as an around-the-clock community for working, living and entertaining. It offers an elegant residential neighborhood, world-class cultural institutions, and a center for music, dance and visual arts events.

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