Murray Hill

Known as both a quiet, comfortable neighborhood and one teeming with nightlife, Murray Hill has come a long way since its day as farmland. Many ethnic restaurants, cozy cafes, swanky lounges, and a very popular bar scene give this neighborhood more than a modicum of downtown flair. Also, uptown elegance is manifested with a tantalizing mix of residential options: luxury residential high-rises, beautiful turn-of-the-century townhouses, exquisite pre-war buildings, brownstones, and well-maintained co-ops and condos. Located between Fifth Avenue and the East River and stretching from 34th to 40th Street, Murray Hill draws many young professionals due to its relative affordability and proximity to midtown. This neighborhood has grown in the last few years primarily due to its prime location. It is only a stone’s throw away from midtown’s business district and a quick ride to downtown’s myriad, eclectic enticements.

A burgeoning real estate destination, the neighborhood also has a few notable landmarks to its credit. The Morgan Library and Sniffen Court carriage houses on 36th Street are architectural masterpieces as is the Gilbert-designed Beaux Arts mansion. Furthermore, with Grand Central Station, the New York Public Library, and the Queens-Midtown Tunnel on its fringes, it’s easy to see the appeal of this community.

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