Greenwich Village

The small, winding tree-lined streets with magnificent 19th century townhouses are only part of what makes Greenwich Village such an alluring place to call home. What began as a peaceful suburb when it was founded is now one of the liveliest neighborhoods in the city. In lower Manhattan, the Village is bounded by 14th Street in the North to Houston Street and Fourth Avenue in the East to Seventh Avenue. Washington Square Park is the center of the Village with its large arch, marking the first presidential inauguration that took place in New York City. Also home to New York University, Greenwich Village boasts a wide variety of events and residents. With bright-eyed students, rosy-cheeked families, artists, celebrities, Wall Street professionals, and old-timers, the village is for anyone and everyone. This neighborhood breathes life with crowded cafés, street vendors, popular music and nightspots. Even though most of the residences are older buildings and townhouses, there are also beautiful new modern buildings, making it easy for anyone to find the ideal home.

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